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Round Hexagon bag


Elly made this great little bag. She writes :
The pattern was from the book “21 terrific patchwork bags” by Susan Briscoe. I made it using Inklingo shape collection 1, using the 1″ hexagon + halves and diamond. It turned out slightly bigger than the pattern in the book since the hexes in that are 7/8″ size… but that was okay since it gave a bigger bag 🙂 It was quite easy to adjust.

The finished size of my bag is 8.5″ in diameter. I used a suitable sized plate to make the circle background.. (bear in mind you need 1/2″ seam allowance all round) and appliqued the Inklingo panels to it. The pattern says to hand quilt but I was in a hurry so machine quilted (it will be stronger for it too).

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4 thoughts on “Round Hexagon bag

  1. Lovely version of the bag – and it is perfectly OK to quilt it however you like! Mine was hand quilted because I needed a portable project (my dad was recovering from an operation at the time, and I did some of the quilting at the hospital). The colours in this one are gorgeous and remind me of raspberries!

  2. Wow very pretty can’t wait to try this method…

  3. Absolutely have a weakness for bags. Please put me on the list to win this project.

  4. Sorry miss america, but this one is not part of the give-away. Only the posts labeled “give-away” are part of that. Everything else is “just” Inklingoists showing what they are doing with Inklingo.

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