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Even more Insanity


Linda is also making the Insanity quilt (more information on the pattern in this post) !
This is her progress.

And it seems that it really is possible to wrap your mind around a big quilt with ½” hexagons when preparation is as easy as it is with Inklingo.

Other Insanity projects here and here.
(and yes, the name of the quilt is “Insanity”)


2 thoughts on “Even more Insanity

  1. OH my what a beautiful project!Sigh…I am NOT going to get into the Insanity bandwagon! LOL

  2. OMG! I am so far behind in mine. We are going on a long ride with lots of stops, up to NY. Guess what I am taking? This is beautiful! Linda, Printing books and quilting, I have no excuss.Frummie

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