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Minature Hexagon garden quilt


Melinda is working on this little beauty.
She writes :

Here are a couple of pictures of my miniature hexagon quilt. The hexagon’s are .25 ” and there are 725 hexagons in this finished quilt which is 19 3/4″ x 21 3/4″ according to the pattern not sure if mine is exactly that.
The pattern comes from a book titled “Quilts from Grandmother’s Garden” by Jaynette Huff.


3 thoughts on “Minature Hexagon garden quilt

  1. what a beautiful quilt. I bought this book. It just intrigued me. Now I have a question. I am not a handpiecer. I won one of the Inklingo kits and have it all cut out and ready to sew. Where can I find good instructions on hand pieceing? Should I get the Inklingo Quilted Diamonds 2 or the new Inklingo Handbook? let me know because I'm eager to learn.

  2. This so beautilful, i hope your are proud of it

  3. this is a real labour of love the piecing is exquisite..lovely lovely..I real keeper. I love mini's that take extra effort like this

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