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Lucy Boston / POTC


Martha is (still) making small POTC blocks. She writes :

Can’t see where I am headed yet but I sure am enjoying the journey.

And they look lovely.


2 thoughts on “Lucy Boston / POTC

  1. looking at these blocks I think I would rather do these than the hexagon blocks they are a wonderful shape!! and the outcome is just stunning!!

  2. i check this page everyday first thing to see if there are anymore new block pix up to drool over. i really really like this hexagon. i've drawn out one of my own to use. mine is 1.5 inch sides. the one inch looked just too small for the idea i'm working on. i'm thinking use wow's as backgrounds with various colours in the right config to look like variety of flowers from buds up to fully open big blooms. add in the odd insect or three, maybe a fence in the foreground and i'd have a pretty great looking king sized quilt. ok so it'll take me forever to make but so what. it is fun playing with the fabrics in this shape. i'm just starting and going thru all my scraps first just to get the hang of this and be sure they all match up nicely. i have done the template a couple of times as the first couple werent precise enough for me. i've also split the hexagon up the middle lengthwise to see what other fun shapes i can work into the overall design in my head. might break the hexagon down into a couple of squares and side units as well. still thinking that one thru first. i love POTC shape tho. it is perfect for so many different designs and fabrics. amazing!!!!!!!!!

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