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POTC Interpretation

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Charlsey has begun a new set of Patchwork of the Crosses blocks using directional prints. She writes: “Here is my interpretation of the first block in row one of Lucy Boston’s Patchwork of the Crosses. Much to my surprise the very center has a tiny blue circle – unplanned. Also unplanned was the stripe around the block that give the block a square look.”

Charlsey has also come up with a way to store the pieces for each block, ready to stitch. She writes: “My POTC is a portable hand piecing project. I put the pieces for each block in a Floss-A-Way baggy used for embroidery floss. There is a hole in the top corner of the baggy so I put them on a metal ring. This is a picture of 14 blocks prepped and ready to sew.”


One thought on “POTC Interpretation

  1. Charlsey is a big show off!14 blocks prepped and ready to go.Where is the excitement of running around at the last minute looking for things…ROFLOL!!!You go girl!Frummie

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