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Winding Ways


Barbara in North Carolina writes :
I am working on a Winding Ways quilt using the 9″ block. I have these 25 blocks finished but need 72 for the quilt. This is not the final arrangement, but I throw the blocks up as I finish them. This is to be a wedding gift for my daughter. She loves Japanese taupes, so I am using those, with a few red and blue punches. My goal is to have the quilt finished so I can take it on the plane to her marriage celebration in May

I have a long way to go, and I may have overestimated what I can accomplish in the time left!

… but it sure is looking great Barbara. Look forward to see the finished project !


2 thoughts on “Winding Ways

  1. Barbara ~ I love the look of that. Thanks for sharing. I have that collection but haven't used it yet!

  2. I too have the collection but haven't used it – these are beautiful and inspiring. Winding Ways is working it's way to the top of my to do list.

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