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Pickled Clamshells


Jeannette from South Australia is (once again !) quietly finishing one beautiful quilt after another. This one with Pickled Clams and Flying Geese.
Jeannette writes :
The Clams are all hand pieced and the Flying Geese are machine pieced. The Geese measure 1.5 x 3″. I used 1.5″ HST from Collection 2 [ed. sold out, but the 1.5″ HST is in the 00B HST collection too] and 4.25″ unprinted squares for the Geese, and 9″ Pickle Clamshells.
I am very happy with the way it all went together. It was easy peasy.

Size of quilt 49.5 x 63″


4 thoughts on “Pickled Clamshells

  1. Wonderful! I am not a brown person, but the brown is the perfect frame for your colorful piecing.

  2. Jeanette your clam shell quilt is stunning.Congratulations.Carole

  3. It looks so complex. Teriffic design and your colors are super!

  4. This is so beautiful!~ Ronda

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