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Candied Hexagons


Annie is making Candied Hexagons, a patter based on the (Australian) Frederica Josephson Quilt. She is – in part – using the hexagon-designs found on the Inklingo Sampler blog.

Looking real good, Annie!


3 thoughts on “Candied Hexagons

  1. Lovely. Astonishing. I don't have enough words of praise. I adore hexies, but never thought to combine all those interpretations of a hexagon block into one scrappy, but disciplined quilt. I enjoy reading your blog posts, as well, and can't wait to make some of those hex alphabet letters. I'm thinking a very large M as a medalion on the backing of my hand-pieced Grandmother's Flower Garden. Thanks for the inspiration, Myra Mae McFarland, Fort Wayne, IN US

  2. Your work are beautiful.I congratulate them.have a good

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