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Addy’s Quilt – more Insanity


Lorraine in MI is working on an Insanity version with her sister-in-law. They are using the 0.75″ hexagons (rather than the 0.50″ ones the original pattern calls for). She writes :

We have more borders to add, but had to share our progress. This is for my SiLaw’s granddaughter who loves red, stars and hearts.

There are not words to describe what a pleasure this project has been! Inklingo has made it a breeze to print and send and share in the stitching!
There are 3 more children needing heirloom quilts and we already have plans for those…all using Inklingo!

3 thoughts on “Addy’s Quilt – more Insanity

  1. This is awesome! I so admire anyone making one of these. So much patience! Love these colours too.

  2. it is amazing. I love it. hugs

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