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Feathered Star

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Charlsey made this Feathered Star quilt using the 20-inch Feathered Star collection.

She writes:
I used the 20″ Feathered Star collection from Inklingo for the stars. The 6″ center block of each square is different. I used Inklingo every time there was a shape available that I needed.
Also, for this quilt, I machine pieced most of the feathered stars, which is a very difficult task without Inklingo.
Inklingo enables me to attempt quilts I normally would dismiss as too cumbersome, time-consuiming or difficult. I enjoy the fact that I can be challenged in my quilt-making and at the same time know that I can be successful by using Inklingo as a tool.

You can see close-ups of some of Charley’s Stars here.


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