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Miniature Feathered Star


Nancy in Alabama made this beauty.
She writes :

A couple of weeks ago I took a wonderful class taught by Marsha McCloskey sponsored by my quilt guild.  During the class we learned how to draft a feathered star.  I kept thinking I wanted to do a miniature version.  When the class ended I drafted a half inch feathered star.  

I found appropriate shapes in the 0.5″ Log Cabin, 9″ Storm at Sea, 6.75″ Storm at Sea, and HST 00B collections.  Using Inklingo made piecing the little star easy and gave me the accuracy I needed.  The little quilt is 11.5″ square.


3 thoughts on “Miniature Feathered Star

  1. Absolutely wonderful. And the quilting sets it off beautifully.

  2. Wow! What a lovely mini feathered star! Well done!

  3. gorgeous! Love how you echoed the setting border into the qulting. Just a huge WOW!

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