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Grandmother’s Flower Garden


Hexiequilt (1)

Barb completed this great Grandmother’s Flower Garden using the Inklingo 1.0″ hexagon collection.

She writes:

“I was asked by the owner of this quilt top to ‘finish it.’ She is a friend of my mother’s and not a quilter. It was made by her grandmother and she wanted it finished to pass on to another family member. There were a couple blocks not sewn into the top when she gave it to me. And all the edges were uneven. I added in the two blocks and then printed from the one-inch hexagon collection to fill in to make all the edges straight and my sis-in-law machine quilted it on a longarm with the Baptist Fan pattern. A nice finish to a family heirloom quilt!”

Hexiequilt (4)

This picture shows the quilting on the back and a bit of the front of the quilt.

What a great way to save a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt from languishing unfinished in a cupboard!

And if you want to read more about how Barb found herself in possession of and completing this quilt, her “Quilting on the Go with Inklingo” post is a fun read.


2 thoughts on “Grandmother’s Flower Garden

  1. What a lovely story.I’m sure the maker of the quilt would be thrilled to know how her quilt has been finished.

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