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Mug Rug



Frummie made this pretty mug rug using shapes from Inklingo CD #3.

She writes:

“This pieced 3″ hexagon was made using CD #3. It was hand pieced and machine appliquéd. The mug rug is approximately 8″ x 8″ and was machine quilted. The binding was attached by machine and hand stitched down with the ladder stitch. I was taught the ladder stitch by my 2 grandmothers. That was the only stitch I could use to attach 2 pieces of fabric. I was taught by using white thread on black fabric. Practice makes perfect.”


3 thoughts on “Mug Rug

  1. I love your mug rug.The fabrics go so well together.I’m curious about the mug cake recipe.Is that for real?

  2. You bet it is. That’s my dessert every (well almost every) night. It has 88 calories when made without any addition. I always add a tablespoon of 25 calorie jelly.

  3. I noticed that the recipe is not included, my bad!
    1 box Angel Food Cake mix MUST BE ANGEL FOOD.
    1 box any other flavor, I used lemon cake mix

    put in plastic bag and shake well.

    Spray mug with Pam
    3 Tbl of mix
    2 Tbl of water. Stir well.
    Microwave on high for 1 minute.

    We call it the 3-2-1 Cake



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