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Cat Kaleidoscope Stars



Kris is making fabulous kaleidoscope stars using the 1.5″ 60-degree diamond Inklingo collection.

Kris writes:

“After seeing the kaleidoscope stars on the All About Inklingo and Quilt Obsession blogs, I decided to try some of my own. I’m using the 1.5″ diamonds and hand piecing. Inklingo made it easy to print identical sheets with little to no waste. I found this method better than having to line up fabric repeats and stacking to cut. The most difficult part of this process was finding the right fabric. I chose this cat fabric as practice before investing in more yardage, but I love the way my stars turned out.”

Who could help but loving how these stars turned out!


I think a close-up of a few of these wonderful stars is called for.


And here’s the big surprise – these wonderful stars all came from this fabric. Doing kaleidoscope stars is so, so easy with the no waste fussy printing/cutting Inklingo technique.



3 thoughts on “Cat Kaleidoscope Stars

  1. I love the way these stars turned out! Great choice of fabric Kris.

  2. Love your stars 🙂

  3. Thanks for the compliments.

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