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Patchwork of the Crosses



Vera is making a wonderful Patchwork of the Crosses quilt using the Inklingo 1.0″ 90-degree hexagon collection.

She writes:

“I started working on these about a month ago to have some handwork to do in the evening watching TV with my husband. I am using the 1″ POTC set from Inklingo. I have the 1.5″ set I bought for my granddaughter to work with, but wanted a smaller block. There is something about it I just like better in the 1″ size. My husband has gotten involved with the colour choices and layouts. He picked out the colours for the brown block on the bottom left. I have 18 blocks done, but only the 4 here are actually sewn into the setting pieces. I thought this might stop at a table runner but, he looked so disappointed, it will probably end up king size. I am really enjoying working on these. It is relaxing. Everything matches, just sew from X to X.”


3 thoughts on “Patchwork of the Crosses

  1. 🙂 when I started mine I thought it might be a table runner, than a baby quilt – and it ended up bed size – it gets addictive!

  2. Your blocks are beautiful. I recently purchased the POTC but have not started on it yet. I have a few other designs as well but I am stuck on getting started. Working with the computer is stopping me. I get very frustrated working on it.

  3. Your blocks are beautiful!!! My Husband likes to get in on the selections at times, too. 🙂 Have fun..Inklingo is the best!!!

    Kathy in Nashville

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