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Periwinkle Quilt


Periwinkle Quilt

Deb is making a gorgeous periwinkle quilt using the Inklingo 1.32″ Periwinkle Octagon collection.

She writes:

“Just wanted to share my progress, be it slow, on my periwinkle quilt. I am hand piecing it. I did machine piece my green kites, however. It is basically my travelling project, so I don’t know how long it will take to finish – but it is slow and steady. Thanks so much to Linda – the ease and accuracy is so much fun!”


2 thoughts on “Periwinkle Quilt

  1. Deb, your periwinkle project is turning out beautifully. Big smile here. Nice to see another hand piecer. And yes indeed, Linda has made a great contribution to this process. I’m a big fan of Inklingo.

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