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Kaleidoscope Texas Star Fish Quilt Top


Sandra is making this fabulous kaleidoscope Texas Star Fish quilt using the Inklingo .50″/1.00″ Star Point collection, the Inklingo 1″ 60-degree hexagon collection, the Inklingo .50″ 60-degree hexagon collection, the Inklingo 2″ 60-degree diamond collection and diamonds and triangles from the Inklingo 1″ 60-degree diamond collection.


A few of the stars made with the .50″ 60-degree hexagons and the star points.


And the back of one, on which you can see the stitching lines and how flat it presses.

Sandra writes:

“Texas Star Fish started out with a colourful fish fabric that has a 12″ repeat.

Using the Inklingo .05″/1″ Star Point collection, I printed out 6 carefully placed sheets. This gave me enough for 35 stars. I will use 32 of them. The extras can be turned into a nice mug rug some day.

To surround the stars plus make this into a rectangular top, I discovered I needed and so printed 68 of the 1″ 60-degree hexagons in a light cream colour. For the star centres, I printed 32 .50″ 60-degree hexagons.

Sixteen 2″ 60-degree diamonds in a light cream and 14 2″ 60-degree diamonds in a darker cream were pieced with 15 half 2″ 60-degree diamonds in light cream to make a linear top and bottom.

To the line the right and left sides, I used a combination of 1″ 60-degree diamonds and 1″ triangles (both in the 1″ 60-degree diamond collection) and half 1″ 60-degree hexagons.

My build-up for the right and left sides required 18 half 1″ 60-degree hexagons in cream, 6 1″ 60-degree diamonds in the fish fabric and 22 1″ triangles in a dark beige.”


This picture gives us a great look at how Sandra has used all those shapes to turn this into a fabulous small quilt top.


The wonderfully colourful and fun fabric that became the kaleidoscope star points.


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Hexagon Star Quilt

Patti is making this wonderful hexagon star quilt using the Inklingo .50″ 60-degree hexagons and the elongated 60-degree hexagon from Inklingo Collection 1, a collection on CD which is sold out.

She writes:

“Time has come to add my elongated hexagon border to my quilt top. The star is made up of 1/2 inch hexagons. The piece of fabric that I used for all the hexagons came from one piece of fabric that started out green on the one selvedge and went to yellow on the other in the same order as the elongated hex border is done. I had purchased the fabric after I issued a challenge at guild to make something that would be quilted using only two pieces of fabric, a background, the white on white fabric and the print was the focus fabric!

My fabric went AWOL and time was closing in on the challenge deadline so I bought a similar fabric in a different colourway and made a table topper instead. When we were packing to move across town the AWOL fabric showed up again so I decided I had better print off what I needed before it escaped again. Since it wasn’t going to make it to the challenge, I decided to applique the star onto the black background and add a suitable border.”

Do you want to see the project Patti made with the fabric in a different colourway? Look for the “LeMoyne Table Topper” post.


THE Hexagon Quilt – Insanity FINISHED !!!

YEA. Linda D. has FINISHED her Insanity quilt.

She writes :

“My “Insanity” quilt is finished. I added two extra rows to the top and bottom and another row to each side so now there are 11,127 hexagons. My quilt is called “THE Hexagon Quilt”. It was of course hand pieced and hand quilted. This quilt has been a real labor of love and got me through a very difficult period in my life. Thank goodness for Inklingo.”

… and just in case you have forgotten. This is made with hexagons that are 0.5″ to the side. That’s right. At their widest, from point to point, these hexagons are just 1″, and the side of each hexagon is 0.5″.

Awesome, Linda. Just awesome.


Insanity !

Rae Ann
has finished the centre of her Insanity quilt.
This project uses the 0.5″ hexagons ! so in spite of how formidable it looks, it isn’t all that big 🙂
She writes :

So this is my Insanity Quilt. I stitch when times allows me. I’m making my quilt with the 1/2″ hexagons from Linda’s Inklingo. All 158 of my diamonds is make using a differnt 30’s reporduction fabric (as are my flowers which are not yet sewn on thus far). I don’t know what else to say.

… well … I don’t think you need to say much more, Rae Ann. It looks great 🙂

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Hexagon Placemat

Another beauty, made from the pattern that comes with the 0.5″ hexagon collection.

Missy writes :

The place mat was made with the .5″ Hexagon collection, instructions are in the collection. It was my first Inklingo project and got me thoroughly hooked! I can’t remember for sure when I made it … probably 2007.

Finished size : 13.5 x 18.5″