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Tiny Totes galore

We are having a Tiny Tote swap at the Inklingo Yahoo-group, and we’re having a blast 🙂
The pattern is Tilde’s free pattern, that can be used with the Inklingo Free Collection (or just about any other collection you have or want), so … browse the pictures, and then join us in the making of these cute bags.
The dimensions of these Tiny Totes are anywhere from 6″ (plus handles) and upwards, depending on the collection.

Susan’s tote to her swap-partner

… and the inside of Susan’s tote

Carole’s tote to her swap-partner

… and the inside of Carole’s tote

Rebecca’s tote for her swap-partner

Maryam’s tote for her swap-partner

Back of Maryam’s tote.



Butterfly Stars

Cathi made this baby quilt using Collection 1.

It is approximately 26 x 34 inches.
Shapes used are the 1″ diamond, other half 1″ hexagons, the 2″ hexagon with the butterfly pattern, other half and house half 2″ hexagons.

It is my own pattern.

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Grandmother’s Starry Flower Garden

Charlsey made this starry top.

She writes: “The hexagon quilt was hand pieced using Inklingo collection #3 – 3/4″ hexagons. There are over 2,900 hexagons forming an 8-pointed star. It is a replica of an 1860 quilt. I made the quilt using a 2-1/2 x 3 picture from an antique quilting book. It will have an applique border like the original.”

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An Inklingo Christmas Tree

A Christmas Tree wall hanging designed and made by Cathi which measures approximately 18.5 x 22 inches.

Collection: the 1.25″ hexagon collection
Shapes used: 1.25″ hexagon, house half hexagon, other half hexagon and quarter hexagon

The tree was composed of hexagons along with 5 other half hexagons in red and green. The tree is on a background of pieced hexagons. In order to achieve straight edges, house half, other half and quarter 1.25″ hexagons were used.

We have two very big cats who can (and will!) demolish any traditional Christmas tree decorations in minutes. This will now be our tree which I can decorate to my heart’s content with buttons, sequins, a small string of lights — whatever seems appropriate from one year to the next.