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Sunflower Quilt

Kathy in Nashville made this spectacular sunflower quilt using the Inklingo 6″ Sunflower collection, 12″ Sunflower collection, the 6″ LeMoyne Star collection and shapes from the Inklingo CD #1, CD #2 and CD #3 collections.

She writes:

“This is my sunflower quilt. My original design. It is totally hand pieced. I used the 6″ and 12″ Sunflower, the 6″ LeMoyne Star and shapes from the three Inklingo CD collections. I added other patches of ‘odd’ sizes and a little appliqué. It is a big quilt and I don’t have a better place to photograph it. It still needs to be quilted.”

Take a look at the LeMoyne Stars and the effects Kathy got with some fussy cutting. Absolutely stunning!


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Hexagon Star Quilt

Patti is making this wonderful hexagon star quilt using the Inklingo .50″ 60-degree hexagons and the elongated 60-degree hexagon from Inklingo Collection 1, a collection on CD which is sold out.

She writes:

“Time has come to add my elongated hexagon border to my quilt top. The star is made up of 1/2 inch hexagons. The piece of fabric that I used for all the hexagons came from one piece of fabric that started out green on the one selvedge and went to yellow on the other in the same order as the elongated hex border is done. I had purchased the fabric after I issued a challenge at guild to make something that would be quilted using only two pieces of fabric, a background, the white on white fabric and the print was the focus fabric!

My fabric went AWOL and time was closing in on the challenge deadline so I bought a similar fabric in a different colourway and made a table topper instead. When we were packing to move across town the AWOL fabric showed up again so I decided I had better print off what I needed before it escaped again. Since it wasn’t going to make it to the challenge, I decided to applique the star onto the black background and add a suitable border.”

Do you want to see the project Patti made with the fabric in a different colourway? Look for the “LeMoyne Table Topper” post.

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Butterflies in my Grandmother’s garden

Peggy made her own version of Jillian’s wonderful pattern “Dakota Delights”.
She writes :
I am sending a picture of “Butterflies in My Grandmother’s Garden. It is a 21 x 26” wall-hanging.
The background and butterflies were made using the 1″ hexagons in Collection # 1, and the applique flowers were made with the 0.25″ hexagon collection.

Size of finished project : 21 x 26″

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Dakota Delights

Jillian is making this wall-hanging from her own pattern.

She writes :

This is made with 1″ hexagons. Unfinished size is 18 x 19″. I’m planning on embroidering on the butterfly antennae and perhaps do some bead / crystal embellishments.

This may look familiar to some of you as I did it as a kit for the Great Inklingo Give-Away. When I printed the hexes for the kit, I did a set for myself too. I’m thinking I’m going to try this with the 0.5″ hexagon collection next.


Round Hexagon bag

Elly made this great little bag. She writes :
The pattern was from the book “21 terrific patchwork bags” by Susan Briscoe. I made it using Inklingo shape collection 1, using the 1″ hexagon + halves and diamond. It turned out slightly bigger than the pattern in the book since the hexes in that are 7/8″ size… but that was okay since it gave a bigger bag 🙂 It was quite easy to adjust.

The finished size of my bag is 8.5″ in diameter. I used a suitable sized plate to make the circle background.. (bear in mind you need 1/2″ seam allowance all round) and appliqued the Inklingo panels to it. The pattern says to hand quilt but I was in a hurry so machine quilted (it will be stronger for it too).

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