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More Morse Stars


Kathy in Nashville is also making Morse Stars using the 9″ Inklingo Star collection along with the free Diamond-Triangle-Square Inklingo collection.


Kathy gets fabulous special effects with fussy cutting/printing on fabric! Just look at this second Morse Star she has made.

She writes that, “They are fun blocks to make!” And she is so right – particularly when they turn out so spectacularly!


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Morse Stars/Inklingo Stars



Cathi in Toronto has been making Morse Stars  using the 9″ Inklingo Star collection along with the free Diamond-Triangle-Square Inklingo collection.


“Linda had been showing some blocks she was making with the new Inklingo Star collection on the Inklingo Facebook page before the collection was released. One of them was named the Morse Star and the second I saw it, I was intrigued and knew I had to make it. As soon as the collection was released, I asked Barb at Just Sayin Sew if she wanted to make blocks from the new collection and simul-blog about them. The Morse Star finishes at 18″ and is great fun to stitch. I hybrid-pieced the block by machine piecing the triangle square corners and hand piecing the rest. It is an absolutely addictive block to stitch! But I couldn’t stop there. I had to make one of the other 9″ stars that are possible with the shapes in the Inklingo Star collection.

Fussy cutting/printing the kites for these blocks really is fun and makes for some great special effects!”


Inklingo Star

More Inklingo Star Fun (13)

Barb in Texas has been making some fabulous stars using the 9″ Inklingo Star collection along with the free Inklingo Diamond-Triangle-Square collection .

She wrote:

“I made these blocks after Cathi at Quilt Obsession challenged me on a Saturday to make one and post it on my blog by Monday. And we ‘simul-blogged’ (Cathi’s new word and I love it).  How could I resist making a block called Inklingo Star anyway? Only little did I know it would become my new addiction. I love making these stars! The kites are so fun to fussy cut/print and stitch. Who knows how big this quilt will become?”

A little fussy cutting/printing and some fabulous effects are to be had as Barb’s stars really emphasize.


Stars in the Castle Wall


Kathy in Nashville has designed and made the most wonderful quilt using the Inklingo 9″ LeMoyne Star and 9″ Castle Wall Inklingo collections.

She writes:

“I used the 9″ Castle Wall and 9″ LeMoyne Star. I started with fabric from Sue Daley’s Twig and Grace line and then added from my stash.

It is made completely with Inklingo except for the diamond border. That was a weird angle so I drew it on freezer paper and did it the ‘old-fashioned’ way. The outside border is made from some of the shapes in the Castle Wall collection.”

Kathy really knows how to get great effects using some fussy cutting/printing.  Here are a few close-ups of some of the blocks.  It was difficult to choose ones to add to this post. So if you want to see more you can at Kathy’s Flickr page.







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Silmara’s Patchwork of the Crosses, Part 2


I promised we’d see more of Silmara‘s gorgeous Patchwork of the Crosses blocks today and so we shall. Each one of them made with the Inklingo 1″ 90-degree hexagon collection.

Each one of these blocks is a real beauty. And you don’t want to miss any of them, so don’t forget to go and see the first 10 of Silmara’s fabulous blocks that were posted in the  last blog entry!!













Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses


Silmara is making some absolutely stunning Patchwork of the Crosses blocks using the Inklingo 90-degree 1″ hexagon collection.

She writes:

“In order to make the Lucy Boston quilt I need 56 blocks. Now I’m up to 20 blocks. I’m almost there … LOL. I’m making the blocks using Inklingo because I consider it the perfect way to make these and other patchwork blocks. I also decided to make the first corner as I’ve shown below. This is a quilt that I don’t want to make in a hurry. Each block is an exercise of creativity and a pleasure to discover the possibilities of what we can do with fabrics.”

Lots of pictures in this post and another that will publish on Tuesday, so be sure to come back then. You do not want to miss any of these beauties. First the block with the corner.


It’s fabulous to see the special effects Silmara has achieved with a little fussy cutting/printing.  So keep scrolling down to see more of these fabulous blocks.










Rose Star


Jeannette made this gorgeous quilt using the 1″ kite from the Inklingo 12″ Rose Star collection and hexagons from the Inklingo 60-degree 2″ hexagon collection.

She writes:

“This year I decided I had better make some of the quilt tops I have made into quilts. I used the 1″ kite from the 12″ Rose Star collection and 2″ hexagons. I fussy cut the butterflies in the centres. It is hand pieced and machine quilted using a serpentine stitch down the length of the quilt. The quilt measures 53″ x 79″.”




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Fussy Cut/Printed Patchwork of the Crosses


Georgia is making these beautiful Patchwork of the Crosses blocks using the Inklingo 1.0″ 90-degree hexagon collection.

She writes:

“Patchwork of the Crosses is a lot of fun! This is my first Inklingo hand project. I’m using the 1″ size. The centre cross and all of the intersections with other blocks are the same fabric.”

Here are a few more of Georgia’s gorgeous blocks:





And the fabrics she’s using for them. It’s so wonderful to see the effects we can get using a little fussy cutting/printing with Inklingo shapes.




Cat Kaleidoscope Stars


Kris is making fabulous kaleidoscope stars using the 1.5″ 60-degree diamond Inklingo collection.

Kris writes:

“After seeing the kaleidoscope stars on the All About Inklingo and Quilt Obsession blogs, I decided to try some of my own. I’m using the 1.5″ diamonds and hand piecing. Inklingo made it easy to print identical sheets with little to no waste. I found this method better than having to line up fabric repeats and stacking to cut. The most difficult part of this process was finding the right fabric. I chose this cat fabric as practice before investing in more yardage, but I love the way my stars turned out.”

Who could help but loving how these stars turned out!


I think a close-up of a few of these wonderful stars is called for.


And here’s the big surprise – these wonderful stars all came from this fabric. Doing kaleidoscope stars is so, so easy with the no waste fussy printing/cutting Inklingo technique.



Special Effects in the Castle Wall

photo (72)

Cathy in Tennessee is making these absolutely spectacular blocks using the Inklingo 9″ Castle Wall collection and one of the bonus shapes in that collection to achieve the kaleidoscope effect in the centres of her Castle Wall blocks.

She writes:

“I started this project just shortly after the collection became available, so I have been working on it around one month. I have 16 blocks completed and I just had to see how it was ‘shaping’ up, so I put them all down and took a photo. I have a way to go – my original intention was to make 81 blocks. Not sure if I will get that far with it, but I am really enjoying the process.

This is the 9″ inch collection, which I chose for the option of piecing the centre octagon in ‘kaleidoscope’ style.”

If you click on the picture to enlarge it, you can see the fabulous effects Cathy is getting with the kaleidoscope octagons.