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Grandmother’s Flower Garden

Hexiequilt (1)

Barb completed this great Grandmother’s Flower Garden using the Inklingo 1.0″ hexagon collection.

She writes:

“I was asked by the owner of this quilt top to ‘finish it.’ She is a friend of my mother’s and not a quilter. It was made by her grandmother and she wanted it finished to pass on to another family member. There were a couple blocks not sewn into the top when she gave it to me. And all the edges were uneven. I added in the two blocks and then printed from the one-inch hexagon collection to fill in to make all the edges straight and my sis-in-law machine quilted it on a longarm with the Baptist Fan pattern. A nice finish to a family heirloom quilt!”

Hexiequilt (4)

This picture shows the quilting on the back and a bit of the front of the quilt.

What a great way to save a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt from languishing unfinished in a cupboard!

And if you want to read more about how Barb found herself in possession of and completing this quilt, her “Quilting on the Go with Inklingo” post is a fun read.



Batik Hexagons

Carol in Panama made this DDG batik quilt.
You can read all about it on her own blog (follow the link that is embedded in her name) and see close-ups of the quilting, and of the design-choices she has made.

Carol writes :
I began this project because I wanted a small portable block that I could stitch by hand on airplanes, in waiting rooms and while watching TV. After laboriously stitching forty two English Paper Pieced hexagons I finally admitted to myself that I hated EPP. Then I discovered Inklingo. No paper templates, no basting, a running stitch instead of a whip stitch, far more accurate than EPP and the stitches never show on the front. The pressing is a dream and the quilt lies perfectly flat.

I couldn’t use Linda’s English Paper Piecing Rescue instructions because I used a glue stick instead of basting the papers onto the fabric. I put the forty two EPP hexagons away and started over with Inklingo. I has been quite a journey, but I am glad I didn’t give up!


Snack Quilt

Ruby in Nova Scotia made this wonderful quilt last spring.
She writes :
I made this Grandmother’s Flower Garden last spring for my mother’s 91st birthday. It is hand pieced and machine quilted. Here it is hanging at our local guild’s quilt show.

I used the Snack Quilt pattern and 1.5 inch hexagons from the Inklingo CD #3 collection.Ruby in Nova Scotia

Size of finished quilt : 48 x 68″


Insanity !

Rae Ann
has finished the centre of her Insanity quilt.
This project uses the 0.5″ hexagons ! so in spite of how formidable it looks, it isn’t all that big 🙂
She writes :

So this is my Insanity Quilt. I stitch when times allows me. I’m making my quilt with the 1/2″ hexagons from Linda’s Inklingo. All 158 of my diamonds is make using a differnt 30’s reporduction fabric (as are my flowers which are not yet sewn on thus far). I don’t know what else to say.

… well … I don’t think you need to say much more, Rae Ann. It looks great 🙂

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Hexagon Placemat

Another beauty, made from the pattern that comes with the 0.5″ hexagon collection.

Missy writes :

The place mat was made with the .5″ Hexagon collection, instructions are in the collection. It was my first Inklingo project and got me thoroughly hooked! I can’t remember for sure when I made it … probably 2007.

Finished size : 13.5 x 18.5″

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Flowerbasket table-runner

And Jeanette has been busy, and have also finished a table-runner made from the pattern that Tilde has made available for free on the Inklingo Yahoo group.

She writes :

I used Tilde’s basket block to make a table runner using 0.75 hexes from Collection 3. It measures approximately 32″x16″ at the widest point.It is hand pieced and hand quilted.