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Red and White School House


Jeannette made this fabulous red and white school house quilt using shapes from three Inklingo collections – the 9″ School House, the 1″ Log Cabin and the HST OOB collection.

She writes:

“Here’s a picture of my house quilt that I have finally managed to put together. I made the blocks 10 inches by using two of the 10″ x 1″ pieces from the Log cabin collection. The quilt measures 56″x66″ and was hybrid pieced. The border was made using 1.75″ HSTs.”

Jeannette gave a very detailed description of how she was making her house blocks in the first post about them posted here as “Red and White Houses.”



Miniature Churn Dash


Sandy made this fabulous miniature Churn Dash quilt using the Inklingo Log Cabin .50″ and Half Square Triangles OOB collections.

She writes:

“My Prairie Women’s Sewing Circle meets once a month at Quilt Heaven in Lambertville, Michigan. One of the projects is a miniature churn dash quilt with embroidered leaves and stems and button flowers. The instructions for this block use traditional methods of cutting and piecing. I have never been able to make my mini quilts come out right using this method, unless I foundation piece and that is so cumbersome. So lucky for me, Linda has created Inklingo! I searched through the Inklingo Index of Shapes and found I could make the churn dash blocks using Log Cabin .50″ and Half Square Triangles OOB. I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I was to discover this. 🙂 Each block is three inches finished. I added 1/4 inch vertical sashing and 1/2 inch horizontal sashing plus borders. The mini finishes at 14.75″ x 18″. The entire mini was made using fabrics and items from my stash. It is hand pieced and hand quilted. The leaves and stems are hand embroidered. The buttons are 3 mm.”


This close-up shows the incredible detail in one little 3″ Churn Dash block.


Miniature Feathered Star

Nancy in Alabama made this beauty.
She writes :

A couple of weeks ago I took a wonderful class taught by Marsha McCloskey sponsored by my quilt guild.  During the class we learned how to draft a feathered star.  I kept thinking I wanted to do a miniature version.  When the class ended I drafted a half inch feathered star.  

I found appropriate shapes in the 0.5″ Log Cabin, 9″ Storm at Sea, 6.75″ Storm at Sea, and HST 00B collections.  Using Inklingo made piecing the little star easy and gave me the accuracy I needed.  The little quilt is 11.5″ square.


Red and White Houses

Jeannette from Australia is making houses.

She writes:

“I’m sending a picture of some of the Little Red School House blocks that I have made into 10″ blocks using 1″ x 10″ logs from the Log Cabin Collection.
I printed 2 logs for each house block. One log separates the roof from the walls, the other log is cut as follows:
3.5″ to separate the side wall from the front of the house and the rest of the log needs to be reduced to 1.25” wide by cutting on the dotted line on 1 side only otherwise when sewn between the gable and the rest of the roof on the angle it is too wide.

After sewing in place I trimmed it to size. The sky piece is cut 2.5″x10.5″. I used 2 chimneys on the roof and the sizes for the sky pieces in between are 1 each as follows; 2.5″ x 2.75″, 2.5″ x 3.5″, 2.5″ x 3.75″.

I have pieced them using my machine and I have made 21 houses so far for a Quilt pattern on the cover of the Australian Patchwork and Quilting Magazine volume 8 number 7.
The blocks in the book are 12″.
I am very happy with the way they are turning out and I thought may be someone else might be interested in this size as well.”



Yin, Yang and Log Cabins

Mary has been having a ball with the Yin Yang collection, and some Log Cabin blocks.

She writes :

For the log cabin blocks, I used 1.5” cut logs which I had already precut several years ago when I cut different sizes of “all” my Orientals.

Quilt is 66”x 75”

Now, Mary, you might have used strips you had already, but just so the readers of this blog knows : You can make the same kind of Log Cabin blocks using the 1″ Log Cabin collection.

And I think it is a gorgeous quilt !