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Brown & Pink Miniature Quilt


Val made this adorable miniature brown and pink miniature quilt using the .75″ quarter-square triangles from the Inklingo Quarter-Square Triangles collection.

She writes:

“The quilt is 14 inches square and the blocks are 2.25 inches. It is hand and machine quilted. It was a lot of fun to do.”


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Kaleidoscope Texas Star Fish Quilt Top


Sandra is making this fabulous kaleidoscope Texas Star Fish quilt using the Inklingo .50″/1.00″ Star Point collection, the Inklingo 1″ 60-degree hexagon collection, the Inklingo .50″ 60-degree hexagon collection, the Inklingo 2″ 60-degree diamond collection and diamonds and triangles from the Inklingo 1″ 60-degree diamond collection.


A few of the stars made with the .50″ 60-degree hexagons and the star points.


And the back of one, on which you can see the stitching lines and how flat it presses.

Sandra writes:

“Texas Star Fish started out with a colourful fish fabric that has a 12″ repeat.

Using the Inklingo .05″/1″ Star Point collection, I printed out 6 carefully placed sheets. This gave me enough for 35 stars. I will use 32 of them. The extras can be turned into a nice mug rug some day.

To surround the stars plus make this into a rectangular top, I discovered I needed and so printed 68 of the 1″ 60-degree hexagons in a light cream colour. For the star centres, I printed 32 .50″ 60-degree hexagons.

Sixteen 2″ 60-degree diamonds in a light cream and 14 2″ 60-degree diamonds in a darker cream were pieced with 15 half 2″ 60-degree diamonds in light cream to make a linear top and bottom.

To the line the right and left sides, I used a combination of 1″ 60-degree diamonds and 1″ triangles (both in the 1″ 60-degree diamond collection) and half 1″ 60-degree hexagons.

My build-up for the right and left sides required 18 half 1″ 60-degree hexagons in cream, 6 1″ 60-degree diamonds in the fish fabric and 22 1″ triangles in a dark beige.”


This picture gives us a great look at how Sandra has used all those shapes to turn this into a fabulous small quilt top.


The wonderfully colourful and fun fabric that became the kaleidoscope star points.


Doll Bed Runner


Cathi made this miniature bed runner for a friend’s antique doll bed using the .75″ 45-degree diamonds from the Inklingo 6-inch Hunter’s Star Collection and the .75″ square and QST from the .75″ Octagon Collection.

A friend sent me a picture of her antique doll bed and I immediately knew I had to make a tiny bed runner for it. As soon as I saw the 45-degree diamonds in the 6-inch Hunter’s Star collection, I knew exactly what I was making. Each little star finished at 2.5″. The bed runner is made up of three rows of nine blocks and finished at 22.5″ x 7.5″. I’ve always been drawn to and loved making blocks with tiny pieces. Inklingo makes it so much more fun to make miniature quilts – as well as large ones!



Miniature Churn Dash


Sandy made this fabulous miniature Churn Dash quilt using the Inklingo Log Cabin .50″ and Half Square Triangles OOB collections.

She writes:

“My Prairie Women’s Sewing Circle meets once a month at Quilt Heaven in Lambertville, Michigan. One of the projects is a miniature churn dash quilt with embroidered leaves and stems and button flowers. The instructions for this block use traditional methods of cutting and piecing. I have never been able to make my mini quilts come out right using this method, unless I foundation piece and that is so cumbersome. So lucky for me, Linda has created Inklingo! I searched through the Inklingo Index of Shapes and found I could make the churn dash blocks using Log Cabin .50″ and Half Square Triangles OOB. I can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I was to discover this. 🙂 Each block is three inches finished. I added 1/4 inch vertical sashing and 1/2 inch horizontal sashing plus borders. The mini finishes at 14.75″ x 18″. The entire mini was made using fabrics and items from my stash. It is hand pieced and hand quilted. The leaves and stems are hand embroidered. The buttons are 3 mm.”


This close-up shows the incredible detail in one little 3″ Churn Dash block.


Octagon Stars

Cathi made this miniature quilt using the .75″ 45-degree diamonds from the 6″ Hunter’s Star Inklingo collection and the .75″ octagon and square from the .75″ Octagon collection.

I was inspired by a photo of an antique quilt which was sent to me by a friend. I wanted to make a doll quilt for a friend who has an antique doll bed and this was the perfect design for it. I named it Candy Stars. It finished at 20″ x 26″ and contains 941 pieces. Hand pieced and machine quilted.