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Pickle Dish Quilt


Lorraine and her sister-in-law have made this gorgeous Pickle Dish quilt using the Inklingo 12″ Pickle Dish collection.

Lorraine writes:

“This is actually a queen-sized top, all hand pieced. We used the Pickle Dish 12″ collection. It took about 1 year to piece and is quilt number 3 of 4 being made for grandchildren. I did the printing and a bit of the stitching. My sister-in-law, 1,500 miles away, did the most of the stitching. Love, love, love Inklingo!!!”



Summer Picnic Dish

IMG_8782wtmkCathi made this pickle dish quilt, which she has named Summer Picnic Dish, using the Inklingo Pickle Dish collection.

Using the¬†Inklingo Pickle Dish collection¬†made the making of the Summer Picnic Dish pure fun. Loads of continuous stitching opportunities and lots and lots and lots of curved piecing, two of my very favourite things. And no worries at all about things fitting properly. I didn’t even have to think about that for a second. That’s what the perfect cutting and stitching lines and matching points printed on the back of fabric does – it takes all the stress out of even a complex pattern. I can’t begin to imagine making this with any other method. I enjoyed making this so much that I’m contemplating making another with the Inklingo Pickle Dish collection.