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Finished Red and Yellow Storm at Sea Quilt

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Vera finished this fantastic red and yellow Storm at Sea quilt using the Inklingo 9″ Storm at Sea Collection. We last saw it back in a post in February, when Vera had begun making this beauty!

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Vera writes:

“I finished the Storm at Sea in time for my grandson’s graduation. The 9″ Storm at Sea collection was used. His first words when he saw it were, ‘You finished it!'”

photo 3
The close-up shows a bit of the quilting on a wonderful graduation gift!



Yellow and Red Storm at Sea


Vera is making this gorgeous Storm at Sea quilt using the Inklingo 9″ Storm at Sea collection.

She writes:

“I have been quilting for almost 40 years. I have bought several Inklingo sets. I have pieced blocks and played with the different sets but this is the first actual quilt I am making using Inklingo.

I am using Inklingo’s 9 inch block Storm at Sea to make a quilt for my grandson for his high school graduation. He picked the pattern and colors he wanted. I was a little surprised he chose red and yellow.

I started out making this quilt on the sewing machine. Because of back problems I have had to piece the blocks by hand. I am so glad I am using Inklingo for this quilt because the sewing lines are already printed on the fabric. I am afraid if I wasn’t using Inklingo, this quilt would end up as a UFO or very late as the graduation quilt. He is my oldest grandchild and I really don’t want to start off with the first one graduating getting his gift late.”


Miniature Feathered Star

Nancy in Alabama made this beauty.
She writes :

A couple of weeks ago I took a wonderful class taught by Marsha McCloskey sponsored by my quilt guild.  During the class we learned how to draft a feathered star.  I kept thinking I wanted to do a miniature version.  When the class ended I drafted a half inch feathered star.  

I found appropriate shapes in the 0.5″ Log Cabin, 9″ Storm at Sea, 6.75″ Storm at Sea, and HST 00B collections.  Using Inklingo made piecing the little star easy and gave me the accuracy I needed.  The little quilt is 11.5″ square.


Sunflowers at Sea

Nancy in Alabama has made this beautiful little wall-hanging.
She writes :
I finished a small Double Sunflower quilt for my breakfast room. I used shapes from the 6″ Storm At Sea collection for the border. The Storm At Sea is so versatile

Double Sunflower uses both the 6″ and 12″ Sunflower collections. And what a lovely idea to use the Storm At Sea shapes for the border.

Project is 16″ square.

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Tennessee Waltz

Nancy in Alabama made this gorgeous Tennessee Waltz quilt.
She writes :
I finally finished a project using Inklingo. The pattern is Tennessee Waltz. I used Christmas fabrics for the 65″ square quilt which is a wedding gift for my nephew and his bride.
I used shapes from the 9″ Storm At Sea and the HST collection.
I love how totally accurate Inklingo is.

Well, Nancy, looking at your quilt, your piece work isn’t exactly sloppy either. Looks absolutely lovely and I’m sure it’s going to be loved.