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Rose Star


Jeannette made this gorgeous quilt using the 1″ kite from the Inklingo 12″ Rose Star collection and hexagons from the Inklingo 60-degree 2″ hexagon collection.

She writes:

“This year I decided I had better make some of the quilt tops I have made into quilts. I used the 1″ kite from the 12″ Rose Star collection and 2″ hexagons. I fussy cut the butterflies in the centres. It is hand pieced and machine quilted using a serpentine stitch down the length of the quilt. The quilt measures 53″ x 79″.”






Brown & Pink Miniature Quilt


Val made this adorable miniature brown and pink miniature quilt using the .75″ quarter-square triangles from the Inklingo Quarter-Square Triangles collection.

She writes:

“The quilt is 14 inches square and the blocks are 2.25 inches. It is hand and machine quilted. It was a lot of fun to do.”


Periwinkle Quilt

Periwinkle Quilt

Deb is making a gorgeous periwinkle quilt using the Inklingo 1.32″ Periwinkle Octagon collection.

She writes:

“Just wanted to share my progress, be it slow, on my periwinkle quilt. I am hand piecing it. I did machine piece my green kites, however. It is basically my travelling project, so I don’t know how long it will take to finish – but it is slow and steady. Thanks so much to Linda – the ease and accuracy is so much fun!”

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Pickle Dish Quilt


Lorraine and her sister-in-law have made this gorgeous Pickle Dish quilt using the Inklingo 12″ Pickle Dish collection.

Lorraine writes:

“This is actually a queen-sized top, all hand pieced. We used the Pickle Dish 12″ collection. It took about 1 year to piece and is quilt number 3 of 4 being made for grandchildren. I did the printing and a bit of the stitching. My sister-in-law, 1,500 miles away, did the most of the stitching. Love, love, love Inklingo!!!”

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Fussy Cut/Printed Patchwork of the Crosses


Georgia is making these beautiful Patchwork of the Crosses blocks using the Inklingo 1.0″ 90-degree hexagon collection.

She writes:

“Patchwork of the Crosses is a lot of fun! This is my first Inklingo hand project. I’m using the 1″ size. The centre cross and all of the intersections with other blocks are the same fabric.”

Here are a few more of Georgia’s gorgeous blocks:





And the fabrics she’s using for them. It’s so wonderful to see the effects we can get using a little fussy cutting/printing with Inklingo shapes.



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Baby X’s and O’s


Cathi made this baby quilt she’s named Baby X’s and O’s using the Inklingo Spool 7.5″/Japanese X collection and the Inklingo Bigger Circles collection. The label for the little quilt was made using the Inklingo 60-degree 2″ hexagon collection.

“I made this quilt almost totally by machine. I started out hand piecing and finished one block. I then realized how much quicker it would be were I to piece it by machine. I decided to emphasize the X effect when choosing my fabric placement.

The top had sat for quite some time until very good friends told us they were about to become grandparents for the first time. Out came the little top and I machine quilted it, again emphasizing the X in the design. After looking at it for a while, I felt it still needed something so decided to add the circles. I used the 3.125″ circles and appliquéd them on to the top, again in an X formation.

I like to make a pieced label that incorporates some fabric used in the quilt. One of my favourite labels to make is a 2″ hexagon surrounded by other half hexagons as the 2″ hexagon gives me lots of space to write. Now we’re just waiting for the baby to be born so that I can add his or her name to the pieced label I’ve made for the little quilt.”


The label, just waiting for the baby’s name to be written on it along with other details and then appliquéd on to the back.

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Texas Tumbler


Sandy is making a fabulous top that she’s named Texas Tumbler using the Inklingo 2″ 60-degree diamond collection, the Inklingo 1″ 60-degree hexagon collection and the Inklingo 60-degree star point add-on 1.0/2.0 collection.

She writes:

“Texas Tumbler began because I wanted to use my fabric scraps. I have lots of little pieces here and there that are left from other projects and I have this need to use what I have – making do. I love the look of tumbling blocks so I started with Inklingo 2 inch Diamond Collection and made the Tumbling Blocks. I have a Canon MG5420 printer that I purchased on sale and it works wonderfully with custom sizes so I can print various diamonds on various pieces of scrap fabric. I printed on scraps and put like colors together – light, medium, dark – to make my tumbling blocks. After I’d hand pieced a number of them, I put them up on my design wall, stepped back, taking a good look and discovered I just didn’t like the look of it. For me they needed something.

I was already making Texas Stars from Inklingo Star Point Collection and Inklingo Hexagons, so I started combining the Texas Stars with the Tumbling Blocks in various combinations. I finally decided on a neutral Texas Star in between the Tumbling Blocks and came up with my Texas Tumbler. This quilt top is still in the design stage. What I have so far is the center. I will probably be adding something neutral all around…maybe more Texas Stars to allow for more focus on the Tumbling Blocks. I still have lots of neutral scraps of fabric…or I just may have to dip into my stash. I have lots of neutrals in my stash too.”


Patchwork of the Crosses


Vera is making a wonderful Patchwork of the Crosses quilt using the Inklingo 1.0″ 90-degree hexagon collection.

She writes:

“I started working on these about a month ago to have some handwork to do in the evening watching TV with my husband. I am using the 1″ POTC set from Inklingo. I have the 1.5″ set I bought for my granddaughter to work with, but wanted a smaller block. There is something about it I just like better in the 1″ size. My husband has gotten involved with the colour choices and layouts. He picked out the colours for the brown block on the bottom left. I have 18 blocks done, but only the 4 here are actually sewn into the setting pieces. I thought this might stop at a table runner but, he looked so disappointed, it will probably end up king size. I am really enjoying working on these. It is relaxing. Everything matches, just sew from X to X.”

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Kaleidoscope Texas Star Fish Quilt Top


Sandra is making this fabulous kaleidoscope Texas Star Fish quilt using the Inklingo .50″/1.00″ Star Point collection, the Inklingo 1″ 60-degree hexagon collection, the Inklingo .50″ 60-degree hexagon collection, the Inklingo 2″ 60-degree diamond collection and diamonds and triangles from the Inklingo 1″ 60-degree diamond collection.


A few of the stars made with the .50″ 60-degree hexagons and the star points.


And the back of one, on which you can see the stitching lines and how flat it presses.

Sandra writes:

“Texas Star Fish started out with a colourful fish fabric that has a 12″ repeat.

Using the Inklingo .05″/1″ Star Point collection, I printed out 6 carefully placed sheets. This gave me enough for 35 stars. I will use 32 of them. The extras can be turned into a nice mug rug some day.

To surround the stars plus make this into a rectangular top, I discovered I needed and so printed 68 of the 1″ 60-degree hexagons in a light cream colour. For the star centres, I printed 32 .50″ 60-degree hexagons.

Sixteen 2″ 60-degree diamonds in a light cream and 14 2″ 60-degree diamonds in a darker cream were pieced with 15 half 2″ 60-degree diamonds in light cream to make a linear top and bottom.

To the line the right and left sides, I used a combination of 1″ 60-degree diamonds and 1″ triangles (both in the 1″ 60-degree diamond collection) and half 1″ 60-degree hexagons.

My build-up for the right and left sides required 18 half 1″ 60-degree hexagons in cream, 6 1″ 60-degree diamonds in the fish fabric and 22 1″ triangles in a dark beige.”


This picture gives us a great look at how Sandra has used all those shapes to turn this into a fabulous small quilt top.


The wonderfully colourful and fun fabric that became the kaleidoscope star points.


Finished Red and Yellow Storm at Sea Quilt

photo 2

Vera finished this fantastic red and yellow Storm at Sea quilt using the Inklingo 9″ Storm at Sea Collection. We last saw it back in a post in February, when Vera had begun making this beauty!

photo 1

Vera writes:

“I finished the Storm at Sea in time for my grandson’s graduation. The 9″ Storm at Sea collection was used. His first words when he saw it were, ‘You finished it!'”

photo 3
The close-up shows a bit of the quilting on a wonderful graduation gift!