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Periwinkle Bed Runner

20131231_141852Barb made this lovely periwinkle bed runner using the 1.32″ Periwinkle Octagon Inklingo collection.

She writes:

“I started this little bed runner for my Mother when Linda did the lessons for the ‘reverse mystery’ on her blog beginning in April. I really wanted to play along with the lessons from Linda! This little design was such fun to stitch. I made it completely by hand (loads of continuous stitching – fun!) and then machine quilted it and gave it to Mom for Christmas. She loves it with her newly decorated, purple-painted bedroom. I made her pillowcases and throw pillows in matching fabric and the bed runner was the icing on the cake to put a spot of color at the foot of her bed. She loves it and shows it off to everyone in the retirement community where she lives. Inklingo made it easy and fun!”

20131228_102220And a close-up of the bed runner. This really shows how much a bed runner can add to a room.